Does a renter need to sign a contract?

The school’s venue rental agreement is posted on the Rental Agreement page of this website.


Does a renter need to make a deposit to make a reservation?

Necessary rental deposits are detailed in the venue rental agreement.  The agreement is posted on the Rental Agreement page of this website.


Is a calendar of available dates listed on the website?

The school is unable to offer a calendar of available dates on the website.  We are happy to answer availability questions by email or by phone at 615.255.8355.


Is the school accessible?

W.O. Smith Music School has designated accessible parking available for vehicles displaying the appropriate disability permits. A barrier-free entrance is located at the front of the building facing 8th Avenue.

Accessible restrooms are located off of the main lobby.

W.O. Smith Music School is committed to providing a barrier free experience for all of our guests.  We highly recommend that groups anticipating the need for accommodation inform the school prior to the event.


When is the school available for rental?

The school is available Monday – Thursday before 3:00pm.  On Friday or Saturday, the school is available all day and in the evenings. The school is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  Sunday rentals are not offered.


Are tables and chairs available?

The school has a variety of tables and chairs available to renters at no additional expense.  Renters should be prepared to have additional rental tables delivered to the facility since school owned tables may not be sufficient.  The school is unable to provide linens for rental or school owned tables.  Renters using W.O. Smith tables and chairs are responsible for all set-up and tear down of W.O. Smith owned materials.


Is smoking allowed in the School?

No smoking is allowed inside the school. Smoking is allowed outside of the school building in designated areas.


Are renters required to have liability insurance?

Renters must carry a $1,000,000 per occurrence liability insurance policy. A copy of the current certificate of insurance is required 14 days prior to the event.


Is coat check available?

Coat racks are available for rental from any of the Preferred Vendor’s Event Rental companies.

Self-service unattended coat closets are available without charge.


Are flowers allowed?

All florals must be supplied by a florist who purchases from a fumigated hot house. No live potted flowers, plants, or trees are permitted in the school.


May liquor be served in the School?

Liquor may be served by ABC licensed bartenders. Alcohol may not be sold unless using a caterer or bar service company with a liquor license. Selling drink tickets is considered selling alcohol.

Renter must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all guests with regard to alcohol consumption.  The school reserves the right to refuse service to and evict any guests who become intoxicated from the premises.


Is the hiring of security personnel required for an event at the school?

Security requirements are determined by W.O. Smith Music School staff in consultation with the renter and are based on the nature and length of the event.  If security guards are deemed necessary, the renter will provide notice of security arrangements at least seven (7) days prior to the event.  If provisions are not made seven days prior to any event, the necessary security guards will be arranged at W.O. Smith’s discretion and billed to the renter at the prevailing rate.


Event SetUp

Events may last until 11:00p.m.  The facility must be prepared for closing by 12:00am (midnight).

Arrangements must be made with the school 14 days prior to the event regarding the setup of the recital hall and/or lobby. Load-in/setup of equipment must be within the timeframe scheduled for the event. Additional load-in/load-out time requests must be approved with W.O. Smith Music School prior to the event. Performance contracted timeframes must be within the venue rental contracted timeframe or additional fees may apply. All deliveries and pickups must be scheduled prior to the event date with school management.

The use of duct tape or other adhesives is not permitted on the floors, walls, or railings.  It is a violation of fire codes to hang anything from fire sprinkler pipes and conduits in the ceiling.

Fog machines are prohibited.

No open flames are permitted, including all candles and votives.  The school will advise of prohibited décor options upon knowledge of the décor plans.



Cleanup is the responsibility of the renter.  Should the caterer or other suppliers not return the space(s), including the kitchen, to its proper, orderly, and clean condition, a cleaning fee (minimum $250.00) may be added to the renter’s final bill.

Rental items (tables, chairs, linens, décor, etc.) and catering services must be removed from the school at the conclusion of the event unless through special arrangement with the school.  Extra fees may apply.

All trash and garbage must be bagged and moved to the dumpsters at the conclusion of the event.